JICA program Japan International Cooperation Agency

"Continuing education and development of the state exam for pharmacists in the Kyrgyz Republic." 2019-2021 The goal of the project development of a professional standard in the specialty "pharmacist" for HPE and SPO. 1.Japanese International Cooperation Agency 2 Ministry of Health KR 3. OshSU 4. KSMA Participants: - teachers of KSMA teachers of MMF Osh State University: Momunova A, Dzhakubekova A.U. Tukhvatshin R.R. representatives of the Yakuzemi Center for Informative Education - Project Manager Matsuno Yoshinori and Project Coordinator Nakajima Daisuke Results:Representatives of both sides held discussions on the content of the pilot test exam: the list of disciplines included in testing, the correspondence of the tests presented by Yakuzemi to the educational programs of the pharmaceutical faculty of medical universities of the Kyrgyz Republic, and their possible adaptation for students of the pharmaceutical faculties of universities of the Kyrgyz Republic